1983, 16mm bw, 26 mins, distribution Lux

Filmed entirely on location in Norwood, Norwood relives the undoing and subsequent redemption of its narrator, a man of unreliable morality first featured in Stonebridge Park, in which film it was told how he came to run off with a large sum of money previously in the possession of his ex-employer.

Returning from a prudent exile, he embarks on a series of property speculations only to fall victim to a more efficient manner of wrongdoing practiced by his business associates.

While the story is recounted, the camera visits locations at which the events described are presumed to have taken place. Two thirds of the way through the film the narrator describes his own murder and subsequent ascension to heaven, but as this also seems to be in Norwood maybe we have our doubts.

“Imbued with loss on the edge of despair, Norwood’s cultural pessimism is fitting for these fag-end times.” – Michael O’Pray.

“. . . wry, funny and surreal. A wonderful film.” – Jo, Comino, City Limits.